Kimberly Albarran, Physical Therapist, graduated from Northern Arizona University in 2013 with her clinical doctoral degree. She has been working with the Center for Physical Excellence since November 2016. Early in practice, she started to notice a commonality with patients who had chronic pain and continued tissue injury and started asking patients more about nutritional intake and other health-related factors such as stress and sleep behaviors. This led to a desire to understand more about nutrition and how it leads to either health and well-being or chronic pain and disease. At the same time, she was on her own health journey to maintain optimum health and wellness. She decided to study under Dr. Sear’s Wellness program and became a certified Health and Wellness Coach in December 2016. Ever since then she has been incorporating more of a holistic approach in her practice. She would like to share more about nutrition, health, and wellness with you and help you achieve the health and vitality you desire. She is not a nutritionist and does not diagnose or treat digestive disorders or other diseases, and if needed would partner with your physician and/or nutritionist to guide your journey learning about healthier food alternatives, along with stress management tips and techniques, meditation and movement. She is Looking forward to working with you to help you achieve your optimal health and wellness.