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The Center for Physical Excellence is a state-of-the-art orthopedic and sports physical therapy facility located in the Prescott, Arizona area that specializes in helping people achieve major transformations, one small step at a time. We provide manual physical therapy treatments, exercise therapy, aquatic therapy, sports specific therapy and orthopedic physical therapy.

Locally owned and operated by skilled and passionate licensed physical therapists, the Center offers comprehensive evidence-based physical therapy services. Our motivational and positive attitude will help you attain your personal physical goals through direct, hands-on, therapeutic treatments and training techniques. [Read More..]

Explore Our Treatment Solutions

  • Find relief from back pain that’s been keeping you from performing your daily activities.
  • Treat knee pain or shoulder pain that limits your participation in a favorite sport.
  • Stop letting arthritis pain slow you down and start doing all the things you’d like to.
  • Recover from a recent surgery.
  • Train for a competitive event, or become a professional athlete.

Center for Physical Excellence received a 98.6% Patient Satisfaction Rating from 'FOTO" - the Focus on Therapeutic Outcomes - which is a program that measures our services against over 1400 other clinics across the country. Read more on our About Page.

We all have goals for our bodies.

At The Center for Physical Excellence, we are here to show you that building on small victories leads to success in your health and fitness goals. We serve the Tri-Cities area of Prescott, Prescott Valley, and Chino Valley, Arizona, with offices in Prescott and Prescott Valley. We are dedicated to providing the most current, evidence-based, quality physical therapy services for our community.
Our staff can help your reach your goals! Please contact us if you'd like more information. Our Helpful Articles page has educational information from the Center.

Read what our patients are saying about the Center for Physical Excellence.

News from CPE

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CPE Staff join “No Shave November”

CPE congratulates staff members who participated in "No-Shave November", a web-based, non-profit organization that "encourages people to donate what … [Read More...]

Patient Education

Physical Therapy Prescription

What is Direct Access in Physical Therapy?

Direct access means a patient can seek physical therapy services without a prescription. Individuals should feel empowered to be able to seek physical therapy care when they feel they are in need of such services.